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Plasma 5 Multimedia

Plasma 5 Multimedia 23 comments

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Apr 25 2020
Hi there, thanks! You can already set a fixed width in the widget's config, if you just set the maximum and minimum to the same value.
About upstreaming it, I may try it soon and see what the plasma devs think about it.

- Mar 28 2020
I'm sorry that it requires a higher version of Qt Quick Controls, which is not provided by Kubuntu 18.04. - Oct 02 2019
Now that I think better about that, the icons depend on your current plasma-theme, and they have smaller size on the panel than on the full applet. Which theme are you using? If the provide different icons for different sizes it'll show that way. Or else, if the theme miss the smaller icon size, it could show the default plasma one. - Sep 13 2019
About the icon theme change it's strange. It shouldn't do it, since they're only hiding/showing depending on the action availability.
I've noted down your suggestions for the next options to add. First, I need to add an options module to the plasmoid and then it will be kind of easier to implement. - Sep 13 2019
I will work on it for the next version - Sep 13 2019
Thanks for reporting it! Latte's author @psifidotos has found the problem and it will be fixed from version 0.9.3 of latte-dock. - Sep 11 2019
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Plasma 5 Applets 30 comments

by Zren
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Apr 14 2020
9 + - Aug 11 2019
Great addition! I find it more pleasant visually than the icon alternatives.
You could add this to the metadata file, so it shows up in the "Show alternatives" menu of the default applet:
Easier to find, and easier to try
- Aug 11 2019
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Plasma 5 Menus

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Feb 19 2019
8 great - Jul 20 2019

Plasma 5 Multimedia
by rbn43

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Sep 23 2019
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Aug 27 2019
Win7 Show Desktop

Plasma 5 Applets
by Zren

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9   Aug 11 2019
9 +
Places Widget

Plasma 5 Menus
by HessiJames

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8   Jul 20 2019
8 great