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Khairullah Muhammad Bandung, Indonesia
GTK2 Themes
Google 2.0-final

GTK2 Themes 35 comments

by iruel
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Nov 10 2009
i planning ported it on ubuntu 12.04, still waiting the stable ubuntu - Jan 08 2012
just drag theme,icon,cursor package to Appearance - Jan 07 2010
hi,i had upload to if anyone doesn't have ubuntuone account - Nov 10 2009
i was work your reply,but it is still same,it has no effect.

what the ubuntu version you used? - Sep 02 2009
you can found at ~/.theme/ChromeLooksClassic/gtk-2.0/handler-v.png - Sep 01 2009
oh yeah..i forgot to put that,thanks for the report - Sep 01 2009
the handler was there, it's a four-smalls-dots..but if the border,it's white colors, - Sep 01 2009
please leave your comment about the silver chrome - Aug 23 2009
do you found some error description on terminal??because i had check the icon it's work,there is no missing icon.did you has change some code of gtkrc or etc?? - Aug 22 2009
i was fix bugs on v1.2.1,

your suggestion on experiment,i've one think it's more likes a nautilus-scripting, right-click on image and choose "Set as ChromeLike GDM", how about your comment? - Aug 20 2009
whoa..i dont belive this,there is many contributor,

and also thanks for all comment,and i will directly fix the bugs for your all...just keep watching ^_^v - Aug 20 2009
sorry there are many bugs,version 1.2 will release soon..just keep watching. - Aug 20 2009
Compiz Experimental Plugins U/D 3-18-12

Compiz Themes 58 comments

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Mar 18 2012
make it ppa please - Dec 08 2010
DellBuntu Theme Pack

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

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Oct 04 2010
where the gtk file??it just icon and index.theme file,

and why it called "dell"??is't look like official dell product?? - Oct 13 2010
Score 50.0%
Apr 25 2010
you need some modification,because your theme has some errors:
1.replace panel-buttons -> panelbuttons
2.use ubuntulooks engine to fix it,just replace "clearlooks" to "ubuntulooks"

anyway thanks for theme - Apr 25 2010

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Jan 04 2010
what the icon you use? - Jan 03 2010
Genoid v1.0-final

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

by iruel
Score 50.0%
Dec 21 2009
i was add the installer for it,please check it out - Dec 23 2009
you need personal it manually,because you use ubuntu 9.04 with gtk-2.16,or you update the gtk library to gtk-2.18,but i suggest you don't do it,stay with 2.16 more preferable. - Dec 15 2009
@matte96 you can drag it into login screen but it's on 9.04 not 9.10,because ubuntu karmic has new gdm,and you can use xsplash package on 9.10 as a gdm replace.

@edier thanks for the report,the icons has been fixed on RC version,

i was made update to Release Candidate Version,and also upload it on as a mzavada request

if there any bugs,feel free to leave a comment - Dec 06 2009
ow yeah..nice comment,thanks - Nov 23 2009
Lithium - GTK, Emerald, Metacity

GTK2 Themes 21 comments

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Oct 25 2009
ow yeah..great themes - Oct 08 2009