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Rudolf Kremsner Eisenstadt, Austria
Various Gnome Stuff
Animated Background Configurator

Various Gnome Stuff 6 comments

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Jan 28 2009
Happy to help ;)

Will improve it a bit, and adding options, when i find some documentation about this cool feature of Gnome2.

cu - Jan 28 2009
You need Java to run it. If Java is installed (in Ubuntu) just right click the File and Run With SUN JAVA 5/6.
or open up a console and navigate to the jar and enter the following:
'java -jar <name-of-jar>'

cu - Jan 28 2009
Anyone who knows other Transition Types then "Overlay", feel free to post them !

cu - Jan 28 2009
Conky - Amarok script

Conky 3 comments

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Jun 27 2008
Yeah I know, but there is no entry for conky. I use Amarok myself, because my iPod is working fine with it. I know it is designed for KDE, but hey, if we have the possibility why not use it ;)

cu - Jun 25 2008