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Viktor Stansvik
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KDE 3.x Window Decorations 22 comments

by lluke
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Apr 07 2003
This window decoration is _really_ nice, especially the square theme. Now there is only one thing that I miss: the ability to maximize the window enough so that the close-button is in the very corner of the screen, making it possible to just move the mouse upwards and to the right as much as possible and then click to kill a maximized app. This complies very good with Fitts' law, which says that a button on the edge of the screen has infinite width, and that a button on the top or bottom of the screen has infinite height.
If you don't understand what I mean check the images at this URL:

Maybe this is a KDE-thing, but I haven't managed to find an option enabling this feature.

I hope this is possible to do,
Viktor - Jul 05 2003
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KDE Plasma Screenshots 2 comments

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Jun 07 2003
the icons are part of the standar mozilla firebird theme. whether they can be extracted from it or not I don't know. - Jul 01 2003