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by dave
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Oct 15 2004
"Flat themes" not "plans" (i hate the self-correcting function) xD - Feb 15 2018
I love this icon-theme have much style, . really need an upgrade, and put more icons like Telegram, an a lot of etc . . .

I like it, because it's not like the themes of today, all the plans for the "Material Design", loose people who say they are "artists" but do not want to "design new art", much less with their own personality.

i hate that of themes of today, all are plans, but i love fatty, round and/or curves themes. just a few users we remember themes like "Keramik", "SuSE" (Default on SuSE Professional 9.0) all those types of themes have been forgotten in favor of flat themes and lacking own style - Feb 15 2018