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Mario G. H. , Afghanistan

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Apr 21 2007
great for your personal use... - Apr 21 2007
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Jan 03 2009
I just needed to add:

GtkEntry::cursor_color = "#..."
GtkTextView::cursor_color = "#..."

Into the config file because of I modified it to dark (there were non-visible cursors)
So please, add that part into the mainline if you please.
- Apr 21 2007
curiously, I don't have any problems in that department... (though I only changed some minor defaults like colors and sizes) .

Gentoo amd64 ... - Apr 21 2007

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Dec 28 2007
No no, there is no problem with the icon-set, I meant that I don't like the icons used for fw, bck, up and dwn, (pretty Vista-ish...) there would be another possibility (perhaps more Macish/OSXish like that beauty blue search button)

Thanks again for the icons! see you. - Apr 21 2007
Just a little change into the "back", "forward", "up", and "down" icons department and that's almost all. The theme is great! - Apr 19 2007
Totem UI Modification

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

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Apr 18 2007
XFCE player, which looks similar to this. However, I happen to use mplayer on any terminal.

Totem had been a torment for long time ago.

Cheers. - Apr 19 2007
nuoveXT 2

Icon Sub-Sets 70 comments

by saki
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Jul 20 2007
One of the better things into the first version of this icon set was the tool-bar icons. IMHO this tango-ish icons doesn't help at all.

However, the directory icon among others looks more finished yet. - Apr 19 2007
Fedora logo

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by mola
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Apr 09 2007
Clear and well finished [...] Sadly I don't use Fedora. - Apr 10 2007

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Apr 08 2007
It is almost obviously a Ms Media Player based theme. However, its look will be probably better while matures.

Is a good contribution to the dark side [...] - Apr 05 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 16 comments

by livio
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Jul 17 2007
I'll wonder if some one tries not representing $HOME as a house.

Is someone advised of that big difference? - Apr 01 2007

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Feb 02 2015
And the X logo... - Mar 31 2007
And PostgresSQL.. - Mar 31 2007
Well... If this is a lot of request fun what about Haskell (Lambda), Lua, Ruby, Sh and perl?
(There's a lot of scripting languages) mmm
Also C and C++

Don't add ever C# ;P

Thanks again for this work... - Mar 30 2007
That's the spirit !! thank you

-me- -gentoo- -being- -too- - Mar 28 2007
Nimbus (Gentoo ebuild)

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Mar 16 2007
Vortigo ( 3D+VU+Beryl+Dock )

XMMS Skins 29 comments

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Aug 17 2008
Sadly I don't use xmms/audacious anymore but this theme looks superb.

Good Work !! Thanks for your time. - Mar 30 2007
Jazz Band

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Mar 30 2007
I have all your posted artwork and have a lot of fun with it. Also my couple who loves your wallpapers.

This is not the best, but your work is great and pretty peculiar. Keep up your great work ! - Mar 30 2007
Ubuntu is evil

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Mar 29 2007
some one who tell the truth! L.O.L - Mar 29 2007
Ready for Open Source

Cliparts 5 comments

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Mar 25 2007
Thank you alien friend I'll check! - Mar 29 2007
vote!! you deserved it!!
Thank you for your time
(There isn't a label for Gentoo right?) - Mar 27 2007
Clean Black Wallpaper Source

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Mar 13 2007
I was hoping to see the open source label. (The pic was very little)

But the preview has revealed an open suse logo so I said here: "you are in debt" because (possibly) you would make an open source label and I would use it ;)

Thank you and yes, I dont' have understood my first reply too. Surely I was drunk @_@ - Mar 29 2007
Sadly I have seen "Open Source" there, not "Open Suse".

So you are in debth with me ;) - Mar 13 2007
Communist Victory

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Mar 04 2007
Thank you, I have made it now.
Thanks too, for your time. I supposed there were a Wallpaper into the file but waiting to be sure.

I just use GTK apps I don't like gnome WM, the GDM login, neither KDE: waste of time and resources for me.

See you, take care comrade. - Mar 29 2007
A wallpaper please !! - Mar 05 2007

Cursors 9 comments

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Mar 25 2007
It looks better than that!
Clean, Professional and Stylish.

Thank you so much again, it is underrated. - Mar 28 2007
would share our WOW moments...

WOW !!!!
I hope it looks so professional in my computer... Downloading.

Thanks a lot for your time. - Mar 27 2007

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Mar 25 2007
You are my hero! I don't like comics but who cares?

PD:// Uhm, are you using Ion or Wmii already? - Mar 27 2007
glossy orange

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Mar 27 2007
Nuovext... - Mar 27 2007

GTK2 Themes 22 comments

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Mar 27 2007
That is one of the best ideas that I have never seen on this site. I was looking exactly something with this colors and shape so...

THX a lot !!
Perhaps some day you will try a little darker vesion or so... However it looks terrific. Hope it will look exactly as in the preview. - Mar 27 2007
Cillop Studio

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Mar 08 2007
Is great, but this metacity theme isn't the properly one for that awesome gtk2 theme. - Mar 10 2007
I am not a blind user driven by fait so I use dark themes and I luckly don't use Ubuntu because there are very many great distros far beyond Ubuntu.

Cillop is a terrific theme. - Mar 10 2007
UserImage - MusicPlayer

Cliparts 1 comment

by jbaer
Score 50.0%
Mar 11 2007
But, please be more specific in your submissions: author info, original image format (SVG, PNG ?), 96x96 image format, aproximate time of creation.

That is good for other people and avoids you authorship problems if any people start complaining.

The work is very good, if you are the author: palms for you! - Mar 09 2007

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Apr 24 2008
Pretty clean. good. - Mar 05 2007
jungle gentoo

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Mar 21 2007
The wallpaper is good, just a little dirty (from the point of the design).

Although you have my 50 cents.

However Gentoo is my ROCK star, so thanks for your time. - Mar 05 2007
Jini Icon theme

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Dec 04 2010
I liked a little the older Jini, though as time runs they are getting better and better.

Sincerely, they were great since its starting point, but they were laking some thing...

The last screenshot shows a very finished Jini icon, a very mature theme, so thanx mister tuxy ;)

I'll being using it for sure. - Mar 05 2007

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Mar 02 2007
Perhaps I will never use it but is indeed an excelent theme.

Good work, keep walking ! - Mar 03 2007
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

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Sep 22 2010
Hope this will be fixed soon.

However, good work overall. You had the motivation and the taste to give us this tremendous (fast and configurable like hell) theme.


1-) You said (all) the widgets are gradient cappables. That is: including the main ¨window¨ background? (I don't mean the themeable background of nautilus but something like this:

2-) Are or will be configurable delay times for the excelent animation in the radio selection buttons?

PD:// Just questions and/or ideas Thanks for your well invested time Cimi. - Mar 01 2007
Future Debian

Wallpapers Debian 14 comments

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Mar 02 2007
I searched good Debian wallpapers for years. Now, you make the first one really beauty just when I have migrated to Gentoo !!

Very good work: it is tasteful and the first good Debian WP that I have seen ! - Mar 01 2007
Dark and Nameless

Beryl/Emerald Themes 8 comments

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May 26 2007
Though I will never use those R.A.M. suckers.

However, I am glad to see here people with taste. - Mar 01 2007
Water Waves

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Feb 26 2007
Stupid me THX ;) - Mar 01 2007
Low resolution...

Perhaps I am retarded, I could not find wallpapers bigger than 800x600 like you announced. However, good work.

Please, never put ¨Ubuntu¨ in it and take care. - Feb 27 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 69 comments

by ertz
Score 50.0%
May 26 2008
It looks more mature and finished now. I will use it some time. thanks for your efforts.

PD;// I do not know if actually there are more directory colors, but that can be a good addition (I, personally, hate the shitty brown ... I am sorry) - Mar 01 2007
Windoze Professional

GDM Themes 16 comments

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Mar 01 2007
Install XP or Vista then. - Mar 01 2007
Copyrighted and, although, crap. Please, unload it. Sorry if you lost your time as I am losting mine wirtting now.

However, migrating is about usability and custom issues, not about a crappy and copyrighted logo.

Bye. - Mar 01 2007
Terminal Blue

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

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Feb 27 2007
.. for some theme like this many months ago.

Now I don't like it, but your work is clean.

So thanks for sharing and please, remove or change the ugly gnome icons of the buttons to get a better aspect.

Bye - Feb 28 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

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Feb 15 2005
For gnome, unpack gargantuan and see the icon names and the theme file, of course.

There are almost every possible prototipes. - Feb 27 2007
I Hope this will be solved soon.

Good work however ! - Feb 27 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 48 comments

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Jul 23 2007
However is a great theme and I hope to get it soon.

Please, reply here when the theme be online again or suggest some downloading site.

Thanks for your time and labour comrad ;) - Feb 27 2007
Vista Impossible

Cliparts 34 comments

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Feb 15 2007
Evangelize all the people ;) - Feb 25 2007

Full Icon Themes 68 comments

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Jul 30 2006
do you know that the
regimes all over the world killed more people that the whole nazi regime?!

did you know that people in
, etc have to be testers of this never working system?

in the us you can tell your
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Do you got my point?? - Feb 25 2007