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j y , United States of America

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Feb 14 2010
I like the new borders. They're compact but at the same time add depth. (btw, didn't you purposely make the task panel border thicker before?) Thanks for the updates. - Mar 30 2009
I knew it could not be a glassified bug because it appears in all the other themes too, heh. But I didn't know it was due to the radeon driver. Thanks for the heads-up and for the great theme. - Jan 26 2009
Here's a screenshot -- <>. The lower border is a little bit strange, so I disable drop shadows. This is as rendered by the radeon driver. - Jan 25 2009
I love this theme very much, and I've been using it since its inception. The latest changes enhanced visibility quite well.

I've noticed an issue with drop shadows on all themes... this is a KDE bug that will be fixed in time for the final release, right? - Jan 24 2009

Plasma Themes
by painkiller101

Score 64.2%
Mar 04 2009