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Futurosoft Icons

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Jul 24 2007
Crystal Project Icons are illegal to redistribute, unless Everaldo gives permission. Trust me, I experienced this. (the idiotic old realistiK)

WHY DO YOU CONTINUE USING THESE ICONS IN YOUR ICONSETS?! (yes, I see very well that they come from the old realistiK which I no longer maintain) - Jan 29 2007
Designed for "Linux"

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Jan 15 2007
i am fed up with those Linux branding s*its.
FreeBSD stickers always become better. (FreeBSD RLZ!) - Jan 19 2007
Crystal Clear

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Jun 15 2007
No, it's because of a bug of the theme config files. But I forgot how one could fix it. - Dec 03 2006
Yeah, what license?
I hope that the "copyright" clause applies only to the site design.
Until Everaldo answers, we are stuck in the nowhere.

But why KDE still uses Crystal SVG? Could it be the license? (since they couldn't remove the Linspire branding, which AFAIK still is there) - Jul 18 2006
Freedom is Free

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Oct 03 2006
The taxes for the electricity count, so computing isn't free (and will never be, LOL)

And I don't like Linux at all. - Oct 05 2006
Crystal Diamond Icons

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Mar 20 2012
But realistiK is based on Crystal Project... ha ha. Ask them once again. You will have to wait for next year. (OH NO! Me too!)

If it was OK, I'd start merging my own SVGs back into realistiK main tree.

E-mail me if Everaldo says otherwise, or Crystal Project goes LGPL. This turns offtopic. - Sep 20 2006
apparently realistiK requires a credits notice with a link to Everaldo's site to be distributed at all. Sorry. Thst's what was said to me. you should ask everaldo to be 100 percent sure. - Sep 15 2006
Dalin Media Player Skin for vlc

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Sep 12 2006
Are you sure that this is legal? If it was made from scratch or entirely redesigned (but looking similar), fine, but this is directly based on Windows designs, and AFAIK you can't distribute them, and about REdistribution... dead puppies everywhere.

This is KDE-Look. Not KDE-Warez. - Sep 15 2006
MixMod Icon Set

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Sep 17 2006
apparently realistiK requires a credits notice with a link to Everaldo's site to be distributed at all. Sorry. Thst's what was said to me. you should ask everaldo to be 100 percent sure. - Sep 15 2006
The license is GPL. You are free to redistribute this. I misunderstood. - Sep 06 2006
You can't redistribute realistiK until I have permission from Everaldo to redistribute his unreleased icons.

Sorry. You will be free to re-add realistiK icons when I repost realistiK (could be never, I don't know) - Sep 05 2006
Open as user

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Apr 03 2007
Name[bg]=Отвори като друг потребител... - Aug 27 2006
kX Generator

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Jan 02 2007
Seeing as how useful this is, it should be included in KDE Extragear, or even better, KDE itself!ar
I'll as soon as possible make a FreeBSD package, unless I fail to compile it, or make it work.
BTW: Do I notice... my own Window Decoration? Thanks very^very much!
And since I pick the best free/open KDE software, I might include this in The Dark Star. If it works.

Again, thanks. - Aug 14 2006
Designed for FreeBSD

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Aug 14 2006
...Linux fanatics! FreeBSD rocks! - Aug 14 2006
GTK-QT Theme Engine

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Mar 10 2008
When I try to close (by 'X' and File->Quit) The GIMP, it _always_ crashes.
Using FreeBSD 6.1 with KDE 3.5.1. I also had to move a few files to make the engine work. Also the Control module doesn't find any of the GTK themes. Using .gtkrc-2.0 to set the style to Qt works fine. - Aug 05 2006

deKorator Themes 6 comments

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Jul 14 2006
Dude, this is simply ugly (and made my eyes hurt for some time) and can't really be improved. Start from scratch. - Jul 14 2006 ShiskaBerry Marijuana

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Jan 05 2005
did you smoke too much crack? - Jun 24 2006
Wallpaper General Lee

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Jun 22 2006
I can't get the idea. A car and a Tux named General Lee-nux? - Jun 23 2006
Ow! My bars! - SVG concept

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Feb 02 2005
...but it's GPL, which is copyleft. Unsuitable for my theme. If it was BSD or MIT, I'd use it.
Anyway, good work! *votes good* - Jun 23 2006
darkicker (background for kde-kicker)

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Jun 18 2006
Anyone can simply set a plain black color background, instead of using a pixmap to do so. - Jun 23 2006