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Rolf Lindén
Vista XP Menu

Various Gnome Stuff by TImemaster25 7 comments

I'm missing all the submenus I like. Old stuff gets replaced by new stuff like in OpenSuse's menu and no popupmenus can be opened. Also if I actually want to go back, I first have to scroll all the way down, before I get to go back, bad choice, never got these vibes before, even on windows.

Every time I make adjustments to options, I have to remove and readd the applet before the changes appear, check menu theme for instance. This should be fixed immideately.

The profile image sometimes remains floating on the desktop after the menu closes.

To unpack this package one needs the non-free version of unrar. Not cool. A lot less hassle to just use gzipped tars like everyone else.

On install instructions deskbar package is told to be installed - this is "deskbar-applet" package, at least for Ubuntu studio 8.04 which uses Ubuntu repos. If not installed, applet crashes once added. Unpleasant at least.

These things said, it looks nice and it is the closest thing i found fooling my spouse she's still running XP - thanks for that. Please fix the bugs. - Oct 31 2008