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Michael Zimmermann
Plasma 4 Extensions
CPU and System Viewer

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Feb 20 2012
Sorry, this is some debug message I forgot to remove. Should be fixed in the current version.

Thanks for letting me know. - Sep 27 2011
1) Not showing the label? Yes, this can be done. I will implement this for the next minor version

2) What do you mean with "fill up". Color below the chart line, so that there is a solid patch of color up to the individual chart? If yes, sorry, this can not be realized with the Plasma.SignalPlotter component and with multiple independent chart plots. Or do you mean somethin else?

3) So, transparent is not good? Or how do you mean this? - May 31 2011
2) Well, this works better on a black theme like oxygen. Personally, I don't think this is a problem if it isn't really visible in Air. Or what do you think?

And, well, regarding 4 + 5... then it wouldn't be simple anymore, wouldn't it? All these are nice option / improvements which I might consider some times in the future.

But please bear in mind that this is the first KDE plasma hacking I have ever done. And this, after only 15 minutes of looking at the Simple CPU code.... For a more versatile tool, quite a bit of code cleanup would be necessary I think ;-) - May 30 2011
Just uploaded a new minor release. Here, we now use the text color of the given theme as text color for the label. Changing the theme might need a plasma restart, though. - May 30 2011
Thanks for the positive feedback and the suggestions you have:

1) Colors: Well, I guess I have to test this with a default installation and not with my highly customized personal installation. As far as I remember, I simply copied this over from the Simple CPU Meter plasmoid.

2) Opaque background: Have a look at the screenshots. Deactivating the "opaque background" option deactivates
this squarish thingy behind and around the percent label. That's why it is called "opaque background for label".

3) Square aspect ratio: This name comes from the corresponding option in plasma which Plasma.Square. Might be, that FixedRatio might be a better name. But this is called experimental for a reason :-)

4) Multiple Graphs: No, I won't support this. Why not? I don't want it and it would complicate the code quite a bit. Especially if you want to support 16 cores or such. How about colors, then?

5) Mouse buttons: This is a direct copy from the System Load Viewer plasmoid. As this is called via some DBUS magic, which I don't understand at all, I do not want to make this a config opion.
What else would you like to call from a system monitor?
- May 30 2011