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Jasper Hillewaere

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Sep 07 2010
Lots of themes on KDE-look have been abandonned which is a shame, so I'm glad to see you're still working on it! - May 28 2011
Although i noticed a small error in the theme. You can see it for instance in the task manager or in the activities panel:
if you hover over a window or an activity button you can see that there are little breaks in the 4 corners of the blue edge. In the 'add gadget' panel you can see it too.

Just a minor glitch though. Would be perfect if it got fixed :) - May 27 2011
Wow, this theme really makes my KDE desktop look beautiful and clean! Hope you keep it up-to-date, because i'll be using it for a long time :)

Thanks! - May 27 2011

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Aug 03 2009
Nothing to do about it then i guess... I'll still use your theme though ;)

The title bar disappearing is indeed a Nvidia problem, it'll be fixed when the new driver (180.xx) is officially released. You can try the beta version, but i wouldn't recommend it. - Dec 31 2008
Hi, first of all, your theme is amazing! One of the few themes i actually like besides the default theme.

Just 1 little issue, i installed OpenOffice 3 just now (Ubuntu 8.10) and the menus don't look like they should. In stead of the black thin spacers, i have white thicker ones and when i hover the locked items i get a coloured edge around them. Not a very big deal, but it does break the style a bit. When i installed Thunderbird i had it too, but i uninstalled it again. Maybe it's because i installed it after i installed the style? Resetting it doesn't help btw and rebooting doesn't either.
Any solutions for this one? I'll upload a screenie if you want...

Thanks and keep up the good work! - Dec 28 2008

GTK2 Themes
by perfectska04

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Dec 28 2008
Smplayer icons Oxygen

by Gabripe

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9   May 29 2011

Plasma Themes
by garthecho

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9   May 27 2011