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Dec 03 2010
On the other hand, I've changed my mind. Version 0.7 now has Wikipedia support. - Apr 01 2009
You don't have to buy the program to download Babylon dictionaries. Though it's up to you of course.

As for online services -- yes sure, but they were already available before, and supporting them would just add a bit of comfort querying them. The itch for GoldenDict was instead lack of any decent way to see .bgl and other offline dictionary content.

Anyway adding online services would require some program rework (cause of network latency and availability problems), so that isn't going to happen anytime soon. - Feb 10 2009
> I placed paths to places where dictionaries should be /usr/share/dict, /usr/share/dictionaries-common, etc. The program finds none.

Those are spellchecker dictionaries. You need either StarDict, Babylon or Lingvo dictionaries. Some stardict dictionaries should be available in distributions (e.g.stardict-xmlittre). Others are available on the net in a multitude of places.

> The HTML-based online dictionaries such as those at, google-translators, etc. How or can I integrate them.

At the moment this isn't supported. The easiest to support are probably wikipedias. This might probably happen in future.

> 3. Babylon dictionaries. How to install them?

Just download .bgl files from to some directory, and then put that directory to the list of sources. - Feb 09 2009
You can install qt-4.5 into its own separate directory (actually, this is its default installation option when compiling from source), and then point your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH there in your shell session to work with it. - Jan 29 2009