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Board by korobAn 6 comments

Excellent work on this. The old BacKgammon game was not enjoyable with all of its windows.

I run Ubuntu so I had to first install the KDE Games package, then go into Synaptic Package Manager and install "libkdegames-devel" before building the game in the terminal with your instructions above. Otherswise install went smoothly and the game is great, thanks! - Mar 04 2012
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Various Gnome Stuff by franksouza183 27 comments

Looks really nice. I use Empathy for IRC alsom which did not work immediately. I had to close out Empathy and open the program again. All looks good.

Not sure where to put it for Pidgin.

Thanks much! - Nov 22 2011
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Conky by Whise 34 comments

I hope that you can get this to work again soon. I have created a new theme for this. You can check it out in my link provided (or contact me).

Best Regards, iheartubuntu - Jan 31 2011
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Jan 31 2011