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dennis groenen , Netherlands
Prof3ta's Menu Button (Gradient Version)

Various Gnome Stuff by prof3ta 2 comments

Thanks for making this, I used to stick with the standard Menu Bar and I've tried several menu buttons, but I didn't liked any of them, but yours looks really good. Keep up the good work! - Dec 30 2007
new vision of conky

Conky by lucky-luk 38 comments

First of all, I really like your Conky configuration.

Now I got a problem: I've downloaded all fonts you mentioned and placed them in ~/.fonts. When I start Conky I get to see this:

Conky: desktop window (10000b5) is subwindow of root window (187)
Conky: drawing to desktop window
Conky: drawing to single buffer
Conky: can't load font 'weather:size=42'
Conky: can't load font 'weather:size=42'
Conky: can't load font 'weather:size=28'

I googled a bit and found that I may need to compile Conky with XFT support enabled (which apparently wasn't in the repo version). So I compiled it, installed it and still got the same error. Later I found that i may need to install XFSTT, so I tried this but I still got this font problem. What should I do?

btw, when I remove the weather part of .conkyrc I get "can't load font" errors for all other fonts.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! - Dec 04 2007