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Aurora Unified Suite (Preview)

GTK2 Themes by UnixRoot 76 comments

and waiting :) - Jan 06 2008
Aurora black

GDM Themes by Kurumin 15 comments

Looks great!! - Jan 06 2008

Metacity Themes by Amaury 12 comments

You could have at least removed the old metacity-theme-1.xml~ from gentleman before zipping it and calling it your own. - Nov 15 2005

GTK2 Themes by ear3ndil 21 comments

wow brown. - Nov 14 2005

Metacity Themes by ECHM 60 comments

I really like this metacity theme. Is there a way to have the buttons pick up the GTK themes color in the buttons only, Not the whole window frame?? I use it anyway cause its cool. But it would be neat if the buttons pick up the color of the menu highlight so say if mine is blue the buttons are a blended blue and grey instead of just grey. Am I making sense? - Oct 20 2005