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train station

Wallpaper Other by alperthereal 10 comments

I spent a week in Den Haag during the Summer of 2004 so this was a nice little reminder.
Now on my desktop. - Feb 24 2005
Gentoo Kill Bill

Wallpaper Other by spartak 5 comments

Superb. Would love to see more of your work.

!m! - Nov 24 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by victor73 100 comments

Can you do a modded version that says 'Risk of Government attack' instead?
It would make much more sense. - Sep 07 2004

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by pirke 1 comment

I like what you've done, but I find the extra letters rather distracting. They end up merging into my desktop icons.

I would recomend it just with the big K at the top. If the rest of the letters all over the screen were somehow embossed into the background, now that would look sweet.

Just my opinion. - Aug 07 2003
White Dots K-Menu-Sidepic

Various Stuff by sewan 9 comments

Nice to see some of these graphics coming out.

Good work too.

One question.
How did you get the large and small icons/launcher buttons on your kicker?
It's a karamba thing isn't it? - Jul 08 2003
The Matrix Reloaded

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by raf 11 comments

Oh yes.....

Green at last.
I guess it comes from my green terminal usage days, but green on black rules, so you can imagine how I feel about a matrix styled theme.

Is that just a pretend shell program in your screenshot or is there a little program that does that?

Yes I have the Sneaker Pimps album, and I guess it does look like this a bit. Give it a circuit board background and it might be.... - Jun 20 2003
Lush 0.1.0

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 58 comments

What is so special about these icons?

True they are not blue, which is a bonus, but meh. - May 26 2003
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

I have always liked the Crystal set, but I much prefered the Back/Forward/Up buttons in version 0.8
These new ones don't stand out as much.

Also the terminal Icon is just to non-descript. Once it's on the taskbar I find it too hard to recognise as a terminal icon.
I always liked the simple screen in the classic set just because it is a big black screen with prompt and is obvious when on the taskbar.

Just my opinion....... - Mar 13 2003
green tribe

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by mart 14 comments

Love this splash.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, everyone is obssesed with blue at the moment and I'm sick of blue.

Bring on the green...........
We need more green...........
- Feb 21 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 26 comments

For ages I have been waiting for some decent looking green icons/themes anything.
Everyone seems obsessed with blue at the moment.
I'm currently working on a green, metalic theme and these icons will be perfect for it.

Nice work.

WE NEED MORE GREEN!!!!!!!! - Feb 18 2003
Gel-Grip by Webfiend2000

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by webfiend2000 5 comments

Looks great.
Love the widget style, especially the lighting on the scroll bars, and the round edged buttons on the taskbar.
I'm using this theme now, but what's with the white and grey striped window background?
This would be perfect is you could change the colour of the window background, it's just too light for my eyes.

One other thing.
I suggest that the selected tab could be displayed in blue and other tabs would be white. At the moment this is reversed.
It just seems the wrong way round to me.

Have you got a window decoration to go with this?

Keep up the great work....... - Feb 13 2003
Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets by Carlitus 258 comments

One of the best icon sets, i've ever seen. Surpasses crystal in my opinion.

I saw the Noia warm version and instantly thought:
Can I have green ones?

But I guess blue is the new grey. - Feb 12 2003
Slick Icons 1.5 pre2

Icon Sub-Sets by Amibug 168 comments

I love this icon theme.

I am such a sucker for green on black (i loved my green on black terminal) and these icons fit great with an all black background, which I tend to end up with.

- Sep 04 2002