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Global Themes by vinceliuice 56 comments

Hi. We want to use your themes for our distribution but could you please, please, PLEASE with sugar on top reduce the transparancy? Several guys now already told you that this is just too much transparancy you can't read the global menu at all. We can't use this theme unless you reduze the transaparancy - or tell us where we could do it ourself if we would fork your project at least this would be nice if you refuse to make the global menu usable (means: readable at all). We highly would appreciate it because beside this over-transparancy issue this theme is the best out there which comes almost close to the "real" macOS Big Sur and it would be a shame if we couldn't use it in our new distribution just because you won't fix this issue several people already told you about. Our like I said just tell us where to adjust it than we do it ourself. Thanks. - Aug 18 2020