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Lars Formella , Germany
its not my font - i downloaded it from dafont ( :)
there is no license on that site, so maybe you just put a link to it in your description...

i'll send you an email with the theme and my changes...

- Jan 03 2008
maybe you can add an option to change the font. i am using your screenlet with some custom pixel font and have to patch the code every time. little bit annoying :)

the second point:
i created a tango theme (, but had to change some text start positions, because my icons are 32x32 pixels. some of your icons differ in the size, so i thought i send you my theme (there are svg images too) and you can change your icons to fit 32x32 too. so the people can create custom themes easier...

btw, this is of course the best screenlet ever! - Jan 03 2008