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Isaac Best
Azenis Purple

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

by i2k
Score 50.0%
Oct 01 2009
I will see what I can do - Oct 02 2009
jameshardy88 did the original port so he deserves all the praise. - Oct 02 2009
Not at the moment - Oct 01 2009
Azenis Red Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes 5 comments

by i2k
Score 50.0%
Sep 30 2009
Yes a link would be cool, I'm also working on an emerald for the original and the green version. - Oct 01 2009
I just wanted to see if I could rate it or not. You would think one could not rate their own work, but that is not the case(and probably needs to be fixed). - Sep 30 2009
Murrine Silk

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 01 2009
It looks a little smoother than Cloudscape.

Good Theme. - May 01 2009

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

by i2k
Score 50.0%
Dec 18 2009
a dark version could look good... I do not really like dark themes but I shall give the fans what they want. - Apr 09 2009
Sure, I can do that. - Apr 09 2009

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

by i2k
Score 50.0%
Apr 09 2009
It was a long time ago that I did this but from what I remember, I changed some engine options and some widget specific properties(like roundness=10 on the progressbar). Plus when I made Fluid I did not know very much about gtk themes, so I may have done a lot that I cannot remember. - Apr 09 2009
Sorry I must have misread your post. - Mar 03 2009
I don't see the WORD "professional" anywhere in the description.

I'm sorry you don't like my theme. - Mar 03 2009
Sorry I can't help. I hope you find a way to get it working. - Mar 02 2009
I don't uses openSUSE or 64-bit but see if this works for you - Mar 02 2009
That sounds like a good idea I will include a flat version in o.3 - Mar 02 2009

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

by i2k
Score 50.0%
Apr 06 2009
good, there should be 4 Alchemy folders(Alchemy Blue, Alchemy Green, Alchemy Red and Alchemy Purple).

if there is only one folder(like /usr/share/themes/101741-Alchemy-0.3), that is the problem.

also make sure the permissions for all the Alchemy folders are the same as the /usr/share/themes folder. - Apr 07 2009
I have two questions that may help me fix your problem.

how did you install Alchemy?(through the Gnome theme installer or manually)

where did you install it to?(/usr/share/themes or /home/USERNAME/.themes(the Gnome theme installer uses /home/USERNAME/.themes)) - Apr 06 2009
The Ubuntu packages I link to have been updated to 0.90.3 and I have no problems.

try reinstalling both Alchemy and the Murrine engine. - Apr 06 2009
I only use the Murrine engine for this theme.

I use version 0.90.2(I use the Ubuntu packages I link to and they have not been updated to 0.90.3 yet.).

I am sorry you have problems and I will fix this as soon as possible. - Apr 03 2009

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

by i2k
Score 50.0%
Mar 25 2009
I'll see what I can do about an up to date artifact color in the near future(but I will keep the brown too). - Mar 21 2009
I haven't played in a long time too, but in the older sets anyway, the brown is for artifacts and yellow is for multi-colored cards.

as for the tabs, I will look into your suggestion. - Mar 20 2009

Plasma Themes 20 comments

Score 75.3%
Feb 15 2009
Never mind, the theme is fine, the wallpaper was the problem - Feb 15 2009
When using a light color scheme. - Feb 15 2009
First of all this is a great theme, but I think that the widget backgrounds(maybe the panel) need a little transparency. - Feb 15 2009

GTK2 Themes
by jameshardy88

Score 67.8%
Sep 30 2009
Azenis Red

GTK2 Themes
by jameshardy88

Score 50.0%
Sep 30 2009