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Hyrcan Lycros Washington, United States of America
Gentle System Sounds

System Sounds by Bi-Bo 13 comments

While Gentle isn't the word I'd use for some of the sounds... I think you've really got something with the Shutdown_Gentle_voice.ogg

While a bit long it's definatly got a sound all it's own and a whole set to go along with that would be awesome. :) - Aug 12 2006

System Sounds by Lucy8i8 36 comments

It's a suprize to find that on a site like this, people still use non-free file types to distribute files.

While it appears this sound set is nice, many of us won't ever hear it, only because you've chosen a non-free file type.

If you want wider acceptance... choose a free file type instead.

And admins... why even let that file type be uploaded in the first place? - Aug 12 2006
Flower 'n power #2

Nature by geeksheep 8 comments

Some of the boys like this too! ;) - Apr 12 2004