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Christian Hausknecht Clausthal, Germany

Utilities 12 comments

by danap
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Mar 18 2011
Although it might be a usefull application: THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT PLACE TO PROMOTE IT!

This site is for KDE (maybe Qt) software... every fool knows that you can run software based upon different (GUI)-toolkits on a Linux machine. So please promote your software on an appropriate platform! - Dec 09 2009

Video Apps 3 comments

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Mar 22 2009
I haven't tried it yet, but I would suggest to use an ORM middleware so you could better choose, which Database Backend to use.

For a simple app like yours, I think most users would prefer SQLite - which is also a good choice as it is in the Python Core Lib! - Dec 02 2008

System Software 88 comments

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Nov 07 2006
I have the same problem: I want to get rid of keep and its daemon - how can I do this? After every system-start the daemon must run (as I delete the backups before and they appera again). What is the name of it?

I Think you should also describe this on the homepage as I think this is a severe problem! - Feb 28 2008
Gnome Multimedia Keys

Amarok 1.x Scripts 42 comments

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Apr 25 2009
Yes in this case it might be ok! But I can understand that people are quickly annoyed by NON-KDE-apps! We have so much alien applications here, which have nothing todo with KDE, that you just wanna kick these tools out here.

However in this case I see the direct relation to KDE.

Unfortunately most other alien-apps argue just like this: "U can run it under KDE too!" - which is - to be honest - just crap! So we have a lot of GTK and Java-Apps here around ... and no "inform the admin"-Button!!! That would be a great feature... - Feb 09 2008
FALF Player

Audio Apps 122 comments

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Aug 14 2008
Yes ... you can't do anything against it. No easy way to complain to admins ...

I also wonder about the words "brand new" in the description! What is "brand new"? I see this app now for a long time ... so it isn't really new anymore :-D - Sep 19 2007
Again another senseless pushing of your application ... nothing new, but you are standing again at the top of the list ... Chappo!

Why is this nessasarry? I have nothing against your app, but this behavior is not only needless, it is also unsocial! - Aug 21 2007
"Yes" is an answer to exactly what? - Jul 07 2007
Is it really necassary to push your app every day? I don't see any big changes here ...
It would be great to write, what has been really done! (New Version e.g.) - Jul 07 2007

Video Apps 3 comments

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Aug 23 2007
Is this a fault or what? Please inform an admin, to remove the others ... I don't see, that they differ from this app ;-) - Aug 25 2007

Video Apps 3 comments

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Aug 14 2007
Why you call this a KDE programm? There is no KDE related stuff in it or am I wrong?

I think it is based on Swing and not on Qt , isn't it? - Aug 14 2007
system folders with icons (KDE 4 icon theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1 comment

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Jul 24 2007
Isn't this more stuff for - Jul 24 2007
KDE Logo by masta64

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

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Jun 20 2007
this is because here are no admins and no way to easily mark these kind of "things" which are presented here even if they have nothing to do with KDE. But I always post some comment and then get critized by so many users for being unsocial and so on ... even I feel that the promoters of "wrong" software act in this way ;-) - Jun 21 2007

Financial 15 comments

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Jun 20 2007
Yes, I use The FF ... but I don't wanna see it here at this place ;-) This is about KDE Applikations. As KDE is based upon Qt and it might be easy to adapt pure Qt porgrams to KDE, I think it ist usefull and fully aceptable to present them here!

But all f***** GTK stuff has nothing, really nothing to to with KDE. So promote it somewhere else, or may be at some GTK special sites.

Let me give you an example:
Do you post in every news group everything? Of course not! For that reason there a special topics for each group, so the users can decide, what he wanna read about. Exactly this we have here! This place is called kde-apps not gtk-apps or bash-apps.

Unfortunately all the guys with "wrong" software react like fools if one critizie them in putting their apps here! I can remeber pea-zip, and two bash scripts for converting videos...

If you didn't know about it, ok, but now we tell you and you react like a kid, that lost his toys! - Jun 21 2007
Why we don't have any button here to inform admins about such pieces of Software? On some days we have more non-KDE Apps here than real ones! More and more I dislike to visit this site because nothing is done against these types of unsocial software promotions!

Sorry guy, it is not against your program - it might be fine, but please use a different place to promote it! - Jun 20 2007

Utilities 24 comments

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May 12 2007
Yes, I meant Programming Language ;-) I would suggest Python! Unfortunately I don't play WoW yet, so I cannot help you directly. But there are a lot of parsers for Python and String / File - Handling is very easy! Have a look and try it :-) - May 08 2007

nice UI but which language you suppose for implementation?

Another thing: What is the file format of the WoW Settings File? XML? Or something custom? - May 08 2007

Browser 12 comments

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Apr 27 2007
I would rather request a graphical Editor for CSS! May be realized in an extra Tab. There you can choose the different colors, paddings, margins and so on! Then it should be displayed with an example text near by so you can watch the result of your Tag manipulation.

I think this could be very usefull and imho it might not be too difficult :-) - Apr 28 2007

Utilities 176 comments

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Feb 02 2020
It is not the question, whether GTK sucks or something else, but whether the application _is_ a KDE Application or not! And I think it should not appear here, if it isn't one nor it isn't really related to KDE (e.g. like some shell-scripts). - Mar 05 2007
So I think it sould be removed from here! Is there a standard way to tell this to admins? - Feb 08 2007

Audio Apps 10 comments

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May 21 2009
Can ypu please explain the realtion of ur app to KDE? I couldn't get it out of the description above and from ur HP ... I just saw lots of "WinAmp" words, which is disturbing me ... - Dec 21 2006

Graphic Apps 12 comments

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Nov 26 2006
Yes, that was the Prog I refered to! Unfortunately the development is stuck afaik. Also it is a GTK Program - I dislike the look and feel of those in general. Also I had some problems with 3D acceleration ... it seemed to me, that the OpenGL was not good implemented. But it takes 3 years now iirc that I last watched it - maybe it is now more improved ... but choice rulez :-) - Oct 17 2006
This looks awesome!!! I just knew one older Gtk Program for this purpose, but the look and feel didn't satisfy me. So it will be great, if there is a KDE Program managing this :-) Keep on working! - Oct 17 2006

Education Apps 8 comments

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Sep 23 2004
I am interested in this project, but it seems to me, that it is dead :-(

I just tried this software and I got stuck in Step3 and dont know, how to go on ...

Perhaps anybody knows something about - or maybe another tool like this? - Jul 31 2006

Various KDE Stuff 6 comments

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Jun 19 2006
It seems to me that your app is quite similar to Tellico. Can u explain me the difference? Is an import / export to Tellico planed? Is it also quite flexible with the Datafields or is it just for some special things like DVDs yet? - Jun 18 2006

Various Games 10 comments

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Dec 07 2005

I can not underatand, why there are always so much comments like "there is allready a better KDE application for this problem...". Of course that might be so, but:

  • It is good to have the choice!

  • Some apps are real killer apps; it is good then to have a smaller, perhaps faster program

  • The better programm might depend on much more external libraries - so one may prefer the lightweight one

I think everybody should do a programm, if he likes too. It is also sometimes a good way to get deeper into programming, when you start with something interesting for you, but also simple enough to handle it.

If he would join for example the ksudoku project, he must work himself into their code and understand it. That is imho a good thing, but not for a beginner or someone, who is not a teamworker!


Christian - Dec 07 2005
Sabayon Linux

Various KDE Stuff 11 comments

by lxnay
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Sep 21 2006
OK, but from this point of view every distro with the KDE Environment is worth to be assigned here ... I doubt, whether this is wichfull or sensefull.

Really, I have nothing against your project nor I dislike it, but I think this site should be reserved for real applications.

On the other side, I am not the admin here ;-) - Dec 05 2005
maybe it is a nice live Distro, but I can't see the direct relation to an KDE Apllication!

So in my opinion it is better to post it on freshmeat or related sites, but not here.

Hyperion - Dec 04 2005

Education Apps 11 comments

by ae6gn
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Feb 17 2006
... that "you" craked it :-) It was important for the whole world - including Germany!!!

@App: I love Linux for all those great small applications. It is always fun to learn something in almost every tecnical or mathematical discipline! - Sep 16 2005
Hamburg @ Hot Summer !

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

by trip
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May 28 2005
... there is a windows desktop ;-) Beside that, it's quite nice! - May 28 2005

Utilities 6 comments

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Feb 15 2005

isn't your app quite useless as KDE brings its own mount dialog with it? Not to criticise you - it's fine to have a varuiaty of Software. I just want to knwo, what the special advatages of your app are? Perhaps iomega zip drives have some special things to deal with ...

How do you see, whether the user wants to mount a zip drive or something else? - Feb 15 2005

Graphic Apps 70 comments

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Jan 12 2006
Why did the authors not add a description for the new release (0.9)? There's only the one for the former one ...

It would be more interesting, whether it compiles under KDE 3.2.0 (final) - although it sounds very probably concerning the statement just above.

Hyperion - Feb 19 2004