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Hyou Moku
For those that are interested in the script to work, I've asked sir wombat277 about how to install it if you are not a Google developer:

There is a private url for your calendar. You should be able to find it by:
1. login into Google Calendar
2. Click on Settings -> Calendar Settings (top right corner)
3. Clicks on Calendars and then the link for your calendar.
3. Look for Private Address towards the bottom - the link you need is the one you get by clicking on the green ical button

Save that Private Address link for now. Open gedit or any editor and copy enter the following:


date > ~/.sync.log
echo "Starting calendar sync . . ." >> ~/.sync.log

while [ true ]
# Wait 5 mins
date >> ~/.sync.log
sleep 5m

# Download latest Calendar
date >> ~/.sync.log
echo "Downloading calendar . . ." >> ~/.sync.log
cd /home/<user>/Downloads
rm index.html*
wget <input the Private Address> >> ~/.sync.log
mv index.html ~/Documents/Google.ics


Now, you have to make it executable (at terminal, chmod 755 it), then put it in the startup applications (full path) so that it runs everytime you open the computer. (Of course, be sure that the the screenlet points to ~/Documents/Google.ics)

Hope that helps and thanks again wombat277 - you're awesome 8Db - Apr 24 2011
Umm... would it be alright to ask also how to install the script please? ^^;; Sorry, I'm still not sure how to install scripts as I might just mess up more (I'm still relatively new to Linux ^^;;)

Thanks :) - Apr 22 2011
Would you mind sharing the script with us? :P

I for instance would really find that very useful :3

Thanks :D - Apr 18 2011