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bob dick

GDM Themes by prebenr 4 comments

Owe, for some reason I didn't see that it was a GDM theme. I thought it was a wallpaper. Totally different.

I always looked for a just all black GDM theme but never found it. All black is good for a GDM theme. Not so cool as a wallpaper or at lest no need to post it.

I feel the 40% it's ratting is at now is undeserved. - Jul 20 2009

GDM Themes by prebenr 4 comments

At fist I thought you were joking. Just put up an all back rectangle as a wallpaper and call it the void. :P

But the micro ruins it. - Jul 19 2009
Anonymous Splash

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by el3ctr0

9   Sep 18 2012
Bitcoin Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
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9   Jun 16 2011
Bitcoin chart

Plasma 4 Extensions
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9   Jun 16 2011
Bitcoin Rate

Plasma 4 Extensions
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9   May 22 2011