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Hugo Hugo Parente Lima

Science by hugopl 4 comments

The opulus version from svn compiles fine under windows, the problem was only a missing library on CMake script.

We will release a windows version with an installer in the next weeks.

Any feedback is welcome.
- Feb 09 2008

Network by hugopl 44 comments

This has been fixed on 1.6.1. - Oct 25 2006

Network by hugopl 44 comments

Thanks, I'll put your package on the sourceforge download server. - Jan 29 2006
Moodin (Engine) + Themes

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by moodwrod 244 comments

./configure error on gentoo with kde3.4.1

checking for KDE... libraries /usr/kde/3.4/lib, headers /usr/kde/3.4/include
checking if UIC has KDE plugins available... no
configure: error:
you need to install kdelibs first.

If you did install kdelibs, then the Qt version that is picked up by
this configure is not the same version you used to compile kdelibs.
The Qt Plugin installed by kdelibs is *ONLY* loadable if its the
same Qt version, compiled with the same compiler and the same Qt
configuration settings. - Sep 01 2005

Network by hugopl 44 comments

Thanks ot let me know KNemo, I tested it and appear to be a nice KDE service.

In this release (1.3) I'm using some icons themes from KNemo (network, modem and wireless), and also the "theme idea" of course.

(See the message on aboutbox/credits) - Mar 12 2005

Network by hugopl 44 comments

Hi, I also use gentoo 2004.3, but with GCC v3.3.3.

What's the version of your KDE libs?

P.S.: I'll get the GCC 3.3.5 later and try to compile. - Jan 22 2005

Network by hugopl 44 comments

If you used "su" command to be root user, the SCons can't find kde-config due to env. vars, etc.

Solution, type "su -" (yes, su 'minus'), or login as root user. - Jan 13 2005

Network by hugopl 44 comments

I also use gentoo, but I dont know write ebuilds, how to submit a ebuild to, etc...


All versions are on folder "knetstats", that is different from the tar filename ("knetstats-1.1.2.tar.bz2") because I ever forgot rename the directory where the sources are in. ;-)

The next version will have the correct name... (I hope). - Oct 28 2004

Network by hugopl 44 comments

Problem solved. =] - Sep 23 2004

Network by hugopl 44 comments

Can you send to me the compile errors?
make clean
make 2>&1 > errors.txt

and send the errors.txt file to me =].

I don't know how to use autotools =/, so I used qmake instead.

You need Qt 3.3 (I think).
My email:

Thanks to try to use it :) - Sep 19 2004

Network by hugopl 44 comments

I dont know, because I never used KNetworkLeds.

I made this program for me, because I need it and I did not know the existence of a program to do that (except kDevMon) and because I did want to learn about KDE libs.

A simple program with a simple objective, only 2 class and less than 800 lines of code is hard to be entire different for another with the same aspects. Doubts? see the sources =]

It is my first contribution to KDE-apps and if exists two applications to do the same thing, nice! The users can choose one!

P.S.: English is not my natural language. - Sep 18 2004