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Zing Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by T1m 10 comments

Just what I was looking for. - Mar 06 2007
Luis Royo

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by DrumScum 4 comments

Favorite Artist. You can get more at - Apr 03 2006
Skroller M.i.l.y

Karamba & Superkaramba by angelizer 16 comments

Solved it. I'm sure I'm not the first. My sincere compliments to the author, and one day fate will track down the originator of the Arizona thing.....ARGHH. Again.... kick me if I was out of line with my complaint. - Mar 05 2006
Skroller M.i.l.y

Karamba & Superkaramba by angelizer 16 comments

Let me say first that I like this.... for now I'll refer to it as a widget. But second let me ask.....WHY is it that when I edit kroller.conf to ....
// Mozilla Web Browser
addCommand => htmlview %u
addIcon => firebird.png

It opens the University of Arizona???? Further notes in the file....the guy that wrote this has a girlfriend that makes him express some blistering love for sunflowers or some s**t? Not that I have a problem with the bleached-bone state, but I'm from TEXAS and it's annoying the hell out of me. I want as my friggin homepage, not the university of "we can't make a friggin decision...somewhere between McCain, Bush, and Hillary." I don't hold back, this is pissin' me off. To make a perfectly good lookin' widget, and have it pointing to "nowhere" land. Just kick me out or whatever, but why do I have to look at the (no caps, none intended, I would show respect if it were in the world where tricks were not played on the unsuspecting) university of arizona? - Mar 05 2006