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hossam hossam

Dolphin Service Menus by LaFleche 4 comments

i love the idea
just requesting a new feature :)
how about if file size xMB+ it goes to another directory?
ie "video" is AVI less than 500MB
"Movies" is AVI more than 500MB

now i am at work using windows so didnt test ur tool yet
i guess it goes with files extensions directly what if i choosed a folder that contains sub-folders with many files i want to orginize them in 1 click?
so right click at the folder >actions>orginize :)
thanks for making this great tool
regards - Oct 17 2005
konqueror quickfilter

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 24 comments

its working fine with me
make sure you unpacked the files in right places
after i copied them i noticed "run shell command" or something in tools menu runned it and its workin fine now

thanks for the developer for that great tool althought i have another small idea is a drop down meny filtering by types not just extensions ie "show photos only" "audios" etc and can be managed.. addind extension to a type or creating new type etc... - Oct 01 2005