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Pascal Bernhard Berlin, Germany
Ice Studio

Ice-WM Themes by olujicz 1 comment

Great theme, installation worked fine.although Iinked only the icons folder form Mac4Lin package in .gtkrc-2.0.mine. The appendix .mine is recommended as one should not edit .gtkrc-2.0 itself anymore.
How can I change the icon for the menu button in the lower left-hand corner. I'm not on an Arch Linux system and would like to customize that. I use the theme in IceWM on an AntiX-Linux. - Jan 29 2012

Enlightenment Themes by tutroc77 3 comments

This definitively is a great theme, thanks for creating and sharing it! I just installed it. I would like to know which file manager you have installed that is visible on the second screenshot. Really like that one. I'm on MacPup and its default Rox-Filer is no match at all for yours. - Jan 27 2012

Enlightenment Themes
by verdegal37

6 .3
Apr 23 2013