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Pratik Mahajan
Conky VDesk

Gnome Screenshots by AnthonyAMC 3 comments

awesome will look forward to it :) - Oct 05 2011
Conky VDesk

Gnome Screenshots by AnthonyAMC 3 comments

I am currently not using dark setup but I totally liked Graphics and processor info conky.
Mind sharing names/links?

Thanks - Oct 04 2011
dang no one uses skype or esound?? If I can't use it with esound is there a possibility of getting its version in near future? - Oct 01 2009
Thats not the problem with any particular screenlet but screenlet itself. I've used ring meters and had the same issues. Try this instead of restarting logout, login and then restart or else wait till next update of kernel (generally it get fixed with kernel update). The third solution I don't remember but I think it had something to do with modifying config for screenlets. But for me login logout worked so never tried it. Hope it will work for u as well :) - Sep 29 2009
Hi guys,
I've removed pulseaudio and using esound as otherwise skype won't work, I'm not sure if they have fixed pulseaudio since Ubuntu9.04 is launched. Can anyone confirm and let me know if there is a way to use this screenlet with esound or using pulseaudio with skype.
Anyway the screenlet looks awesome I would like to try it soon
Thanks - Sep 29 2009
Conky VDesk

Gnome Screenshots
by AnthonyAMC

9   Oct 04 2011