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by lgao
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Sep 12 2017
1) This is a window software ?!
2) Use a chinese website to download is not nice (more it works very badly)... - Sep 12 2017

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Sep 28 2016
Why ?
Have you problem with the svg icon ? - Oct 09 2016
MKV Extractor Qt5

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Sep 28 2016

thank you for your reply.

I need help for understand the error, can you add this line :
print("line :", line)

before the line with :
line = line.split('|')[1].strip() # Recupere la 2eme colonne, la langue en 3 lettres

Sorry for my english and thank you again ! - Dec 26 2015
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Nov 23 2015
New version in pyqt5 : - Jul 17 2015

not for now because I'm on another project but I will. - Dec 17 2014
It's not possible with my software.

For add a file in mkv file, use mkvmerge gui (you can use "Actions > Edit the mkv file" for open this software with your file).

The basic interest of the software was easily edit mkv file containing DTS audio in mkv containing ac3 audio so that the file is readable on the Freebox (french modem).

With the time, I have add options... but I don't want do a duplicate of mkvmerge gui.

I hope I answered your question.

Thank you to use MKV Extractor Qt. - May 22 2014

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Jul 10 2015
I have not thought about whether the name was already existed :)

It's funny that the two projects are the same game and has the same name: p

I develop it in pyqt for training me (I who knew only bash :)).

A playable version via the net? I'm afraid I do not have the skills or time for that, at least for the moment ...

Thank you! - Jul 11 2015

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Sep 20 2012
i have the same problem on Kubuntu 9.10 kde 4.4 rc2, i have install krosspython but i don't find pykde4.

thank's and sorry for my english... - Feb 04 2010

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Aug 31 2010

How to compile, please ?

How packtage ?


Kubuntu 9.04 64bits.

PS : Sorry for my english, i'm french guy. - Sep 27 2009