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Caire jean-albert colombes, France
Forget to tell that you have to change also the Audiobtirate in to 384000 in order encoding to work.
- Jan 12 2008
My error came from a different version of Y4mscaler and mjpegtools. i recompiled Y4mscaler with the new header and all went fine. so, all is working fine now.
And good new, the "cheat" -ab 384000 works fine. so enjoy this great tool. - Jan 12 2008
It seems there is a bug that prevent kmpg2 to recognize ac3 in ffmpeg. Got the same with Mandriva 2008.
I found a way out. In, in the TestAudioEncoding, you must change the value -ab 384 in -ab 384000 and reinstall kmpg2 to pass the ac3 test. FFmpeg cant encode ac3 with a value like 384 b/s, only with value like 384 kb/s.

But i get an error encoding video (**ERROR: [mpeg2enc] Could not read YUV4MPEG2 header: system error (failed read/write)!). Don't know if this is another bug or a sequel of my change in
- Jan 08 2008