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Network 175 comments

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May 08 2005

I really like this program, what i only miss is to be able to use ot for direct connect networks too. Any plan for it? Or should i stay at the (ugly:) dcgui-qt ? :)

thx, hirisov - Feb 03 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

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Jun 10 2003
Your theme looks cool. May i ask where did u get that gimp icon? I'm looking for that for some time but couldn't get it in 64x64. I'd REALLY need it :) Any idea where can i download that? - Jun 11 2003
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes 385 comments

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Jun 15 2007
Ok seems i finally can download it...somebody for some reason (i dunno why or when) "deacvtivated" my user it's not enough to ask for your forgotten password, then u also have to ask for a registration code. I really really dunno why one of the most popular linux iconset is not available w/ a single direct link, we we have to suffer this whole procedure :( And i'd REALLY APPRECIATE any better solution than this current is. Anyway of course, thx for your great work elverado! - Jun 07 2003
Now it alloed me in, but i only can jump into the forums. I'm not interested them, just would like to download these icons. WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO??? WHERE THE HELL I CAN FOUND IT? I must say as a web developer that this site is one of the most confusing and has the most unusable navigation system i've ever seen. It's getting funny that after 5 years or so of using the net and developing web pages i cannot find a way here to download...maybe it's my mistake, but please sy tell me where and how can i download after llogging in there??? PLEASE elverado do something, this is crazy... - Jun 07 2003
I'm sure linuxcult's help is great, but their registration system is AWFUL! VERY VERY ANNOYING! I registered months ago for crystal. i forgot my password now, so afetr 10 clicks it sent me. I logged w/ the new password it reset, and SITLL cannot download tehicons, it wanna me to register. "Of course" it doesn't allow me to register w/ the same email address again, so now i think have to create another silly, stupid, useless email address for myself just for this dowload. VERY ANNOYING! Please remove this stupid registration thing!!! Or make it a working one or i don't know, but it's unusable and frustrating now. - Jun 07 2003

i wonder if there's plan or already existing solution to use/convert crystal icons to be usable under gtk. They're quite attractive, and w/ Keramik/Geramik and Bluecure we have the chance to have a conistent theme all around the desktop. I think if we could be able to share the icons themselves between gtk/qt it would be a great improvement! Crystal is definitelly an original high quality theme, which might worth the work in this direction.

What do you think?

bye, hirisov - Nov 20 2002
Coadname Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 9 comments

by rj-au
Score 50.0%
May 17 2003

I think these icons r good start. To be more constructive: i like the style/idea of k3b, konsole, xmms, mplayer. I think w/ the same approaceh u should rethink evolution, mozilla, and exec icons. Somehow it seems to me u couldn't decide if u wanna do 2D or 3D icons. Eg mplayer and k3b are 3D while gimp is 2D. personally as i wrote i like your 3D icons better, they seems more 'cool' :) And if u have no idea where to continue maybe u should check an exiting complete iconset and try to make the icons according to that.

Keep up work, u have the chance to make a unique, cool iconset imho.

bye, hirisov - May 18 2003

Wallpaper Other 16 comments

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Dec 19 2002
I really like them, especially the first. If you could color it (the one w/ linux and kde gear) to be a little more "blue" like the deafult background for the 3.1) it would perfectly fit w/ crystal i think :)

keep on w/ good work!

bye, hirisov - Dec 03 2002
Geramik *and* ThinGeramik GTK Themes

GTK1 Themes 183 comments

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Oct 19 2003

Yeah I know what CVS is, just not sure if there's a separated Keramik theme somewhere (as i found for 3.0), which (as a project itself) could have an own CVS version, or you were talking about the CVS version of KDE 3.1, which has Keramik as its default theme? Sorry for not being precise. BTW i'm testing gentoo now which has 3.1rc3 in it, so if needed i can install 3.1 i think. AFAIK 3.1 beta1 has just come out, do you think 3.1 final will be released soon? i haven't seen a roadmap for that, but it would be great :)

thanks, hirisov - Nov 20 2002

And can you help me please where can i find info about this CVS version of keramik and if it works w/ KDE3.0 ? Or does it require 3.1 rc? After installing CVS of keramik should i reinstall geramik?

thanks, hirisov - Nov 20 2002

I really like thsi theme, unfortunatelly the colors and widgets does not match exactly. I use the Keramik theme for kde3.0 downloaded here from Here is a screenshot of what i am talking about:

what do i do wrong?..:) On shots i can see pretty similar color schemes for gtk & kde apps.

Thanks for your help! - Nov 20 2002