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Hian Lima Salvador, Brazil

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Aug 04 2013
I did not liked the earlier versions. But this update was really good. What witchcraft is this? - May 14 2012

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Mar 08 2012

First, you need to have the QtCurve. I do not know what distribution you use, but I use OpenSuse.

After Installing QtCurve, download the theme, import it to QtCurve, and select. Do the same with the color in the color settings.

I hope this helps. - Mar 21 2012
Karma Grey + Colors

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Mar 15 2012
Thank's for the comment, and for the repport. As I only use Firefox with GTK application and in that system it works very well, maybe that's why the problem has gone well I installed Pidgin, but the theme (not only Gray, but Florest and Ocean too) worked well. I sugest try to use a new maneger to GTK's themes, because in Fedora 15 it's all perfect.
- Aug 07 2011
Thanks for the comment. When I have time, I'll straighten out this problem. I thought the difference in the level of shade on the active and inactive windows would be enough to distinguish. - Apr 16 2011
The link is - Apr 13 2011
BSM Simple

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May 11 2011
Good theme, Bruno.

The Simple Dark is very nice(Y) - Sep 01 2010

Plasma Themes
by nameless89

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May 14 2012
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May 27 2011
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