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Eberhard Schmidt-Sommer , Germany
Perfect Weather

Wallpaper Other by mharynek 5 comments

Hi, Although this picture looks very nice the horizon is not horizontal, ... - Apr 28 2009
Vork en Mes

Wallpaper Other by rotelman 1 comment

with almost perfect illumination(only few burned highlights), ...

But the horizon was tilted to the left and so it is a little bit irritating.

This could be proved at the verticals in the stairway.
If you tilt the picture about 1.2 Degrees to the right it would be stabilized. Probably a little more.

Beside, it should be scaled and cut to 1680*1050

- Apr 20 2009
Yellow Flower

Nature by PGuerreiro 1 comment

you can even see the farina. This Picture will come into my collection, ... - Feb 21 2009
lake constance 01

Nature by foehrb 4 comments

Hi Paul,
in the german language you say "Bodensee", in the english language you say "Lake Constance".

Eberhard - Feb 21 2009