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stefan walkner

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 116 comments

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Jul 01 2007
hi, I'll drop you an email when my kde-3.5.1 update compiled the kdepim packages ;-) - Feb 01 2006
sorry for spamming here!
I just "make"ed it and did not "make install"ed it!
with having installed katapult everything works now!
great app! thanks - Jan 30 2006
just tried it on my ubuntu installation on my PC.
there it works!
but it does not work on my gentoo installation.
I will try to track this down...

cheers - Jan 30 2006
I don't see anything, when I use alt+space.
only a lt-katapult thread is in "top" fort a few seconds.
"Configure Katapult" crashes the program.
Could you please post a screenshot what it should look like?
btw: compiled --without-arts - is this a problem (concerning KNotify or similiar)?

thx - Jan 30 2006
Klearlook .ebuild

KDE 3.5 Themes 4 comments

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Dec 13 2005
it's not the best idea to add an individual ebuild to /usr/portage...

instead you should use your PORTAGE_OVERLAY! (i.e. /usr/local/portage...) otherwise your changes will be lost after the next sync!

cheers - Dec 01 2005
Tinydeco Window Decoration

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 10 comments

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Nov 12 2005

I made an ebuild for this.
If you would like to offer an gentoo ebuild - just contact me please.

cheers - Nov 12 2005

probably your date is not set correct on your system!
so the sane check of configure fails.
please set your date correctly and create a new package.
At the moment I just cp the files and create a new package (which changes the timestamps of the files).

cheers - Nov 12 2005
Yagami's Kopete chat style

Kopete Styles 3 comments

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Mar 15 2005
I really like your theme but I'm trying to add the conversations date to the messages -> do you know howto?

Thx in advance! - Mar 15 2005