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Romain Henriet Morangis, France
Karamba & Superkaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 22 comments

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Jan 23 2008
yes the development has been stopped for the moment. Superkaramba has been replaced by plasma in kde4 and there has been no new release of basket for a while.
However, I'll have a look at your problem as soon as I can. - Jul 27 2009
You have to install pykde (
- Mar 09 2008
I've just uploaded DesktopBasket 1.4.1, which displays an error box when a module can't be found. Try it and install the missing module. If you have no error box, run superkaramba from a terminal, load DektopBasket and send me the messages in the terminal. - Mar 07 2008
Hello Ichbinich,
sorry for the delay, I have not been able to connect to internet for more than a month :( .
Could you run desktopbasket from a terminal and send me the logs ? Thanks. - Dec 14 2007
this is a good idea. I may include it in the next release and improve it a little. - Jun 20 2007
You can replace the files in images/highlight with the colours you want, but keep the same names. I'll make it possible to add new colours, or remove some, soon. - Jun 04 2007
Thank you for this addition !
However, it doesn't work on my computer :-( because it doesn't find the tags file. I will have a look at this as soon as possible.
Then, I didn't put the theme into a skz file because once you have changed the background, you cannot get the default one back, unless you extract it from the skz file. Thus, a function to extract backgrounds and translation files is needed, but I haven't written it yet. - May 27 2007