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Jan Henrik Helmers
Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets by Carlitus 258 comments

I really like Noia, it is very good (my little sister loves it ;) but I don't think my father would approve.

It's damn cute allright, but I don't think a default theme should be "cute". Including is KDEartwork however is a great idea. - Dec 02 2002
"KDE Girl"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TomServo 46 comments

For me the point is not that you are "exploiting woman". My problem is that a "barely okay" piece of work suddenly becomes "great" when you place a half-naked woman it it. It doesn't.

And how great is this? It is a image (stolen?) with a couple of icons placed below it. The latest icon (The K) don't even have the same look as the rest of them. I mean come on. I don't claim to be a great artist, but I don't think that cutting & pasting 5 or 6 images counts as art.

Please reply and tell me you do. - Dec 02 2002
SKY icons 0.7.3

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 74 comments

I'm getting more eyecandy for KDE than I can handle! It's great that we now have a wide selection of good icon themes to choose from! :D

Helmers - Nov 12 2002
Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets by Carlitus 258 comments

I liked this theme very much with Stardocks IconPackager, and it still looks very nice.

But just to be sure, you are the one who released it for Windows, right? Because in the IconTheme (for Windows) it said that we shouldn't try and make a 'nix version, because you'd do it yourself.

So if you are this person, congrats with a nice-lookin' theme. - Nov 10 2002

KDE 3.5 Themes by Brandybuck 68 comments

I agree wholeheartedly with the above poster, this theme is needed in the KDE CVS. It is very clean and fast, unlike the cartoonish Keramik & Liquid themes.

With this one added, KDE will have three GREAT styles to choose from. They are all 100% consistent. To be truthfull, the cool looks is why I use Linux :D

Helmers - Nov 10 2002
Keramik Kicker Skin

Kicker Panel by skyshadow 10 comments

Well, that one goes well with the new default theme :P

But how does it work with different sizes? - Nov 08 2002

Various Stuff by yf12s 32 comments

I'm glad that there are people who want a new start menu, however, I think it needs more innovation. I mean this is the same menu with more/different graphics.

What I want is more functionality. The menu is very messy, it would be helpful if it could be grouped better, maybe a couple of main categories, and I like the two-column part of the XP menu. ^_^ - Oct 21 2002
2round gentoo

Wallpaper Other by greenhorn 2 comments bad.

I just thought it was 1280x1024 because it was larger than my screen, 1152x864, whitch is a great resolution. You guys should add it to your list. :D - Oct 20 2002
2round gentoo

Wallpaper Other by greenhorn 2 comments

I really like gentoo, and I like this as well, it is clean, and in my favorite colour, blue. ;)

But 1280x1024 ain't a resolution for human beings. It's almost square, damn it. - Oct 20 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments actually just this.

But we can beat them. With the new "dashboard" included in MSN 8, which will probably be their standard browser in the future, integrating stuff into the menu and shell is top priority.

We should make it better, and release before they do. And when I say better, I mean more customizable, easier to understand at first and more efficent.

I want to be able to look at
1. how many e-mails I've gotten
2. Important appointments
3. System status /load
4. Upcoming tasks /cronjobs
5. Weather forecasts
6. News headlines

...and I wouldn't mind if it were easely accesible in the start panel. But working on concept is very hard, and extremely important. Also, what the panel really needs is cleaning up. It should be better sorted into sub-categories.

Great that someone took initiative!

Helmers - Oct 20 2002