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Kathy Darling
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

GDM Themes 123 comments

Score 74.0%
Aug 03 2009
Are the older "swirly" (for lack of a better description) still available somewhere? Those were my all-time favorites. You make awesome themes. Thank you for your effort! - Mar 30 2010
Raptor (Slickness remix)

GTK2 Themes 75 comments

by Eemo
Score 66.7%
Aug 31 2015
also - moved the extracted folder into the .themes folder and it still doesn't show up as an option in the Themes settings. - Jan 14 2010
dragged the tarball into the themes tab (ubuntu 9.10) and no joy. hate to have to ask, but what am i doing wrong? theme looks awesome from the screenshots. - Jan 13 2010
All Day Long (Animated Wallpaper)

Wallpaper Other 142 comments

by edren
Score 68.0%
May 24 2012
this is just too awesome. the big white branch on the left is a little too bright, imo. but i still love it. might never need to change my wallpaper again. - Jan 07 2009
[Cairo-Dock] Gnome-Colors Themes

Cairo-Dock Themes 23 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 13 2009
just registered to say that i love your entire theme. thanks so much. it rocks! - Jan 07 2009