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Heiko Schäfer , Germany
Qt Components
Various Plasma 5 Improvements
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Various Plasma 5 Improvements 3 comments

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Jul 15 2019
Added the package for 'Disco'… - Jun 23 2019
Google translate did an interesting job, but I think you tried to add my PPA for the 'Disco' release of Ubuntu. Currently it contains only 'Bionic' if you are interested I can try to do a version for 'Disco' - Jun 23 2019

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Aug 22 2015
For your packaging, you may be insterested in following: - Feb 08 2015
Also you can see the Debian packaging on how to split the server into suitable subpackages. - Feb 06 2015
Generally would it be possible to move the discussion to Github? There are also all relevant documentation.

Server start is done best via xinetd.

You can see, comment and even make pull requests on here: and - Feb 06 2015
Ok, but for the future, it seems I got it to work in the as well.

But there are new source files listed as well, so you may want to update your spec after 0.13 is finished (should happen tomorrow)

Also if you publish your packages somewhere, can you give me the instructions for both packages to include in my's? - Feb 06 2015
Hm, you are right. Now it doesn't work for me too :-O - Feb 06 2015
Last idea, I guess you didn't took the 1:1?

Important for the translation are the last 3 lines of the Do you have pasted them, too? - Feb 06 2015
It seems qmake is extremely reluctant concerning installations.

Isn't it possible, like on Gentoo & Debian, to call lrelease from the spec and to add the *.qm manually?
- Feb 06 2015
in your spec, did you call

qmake CONFIG+=release

? - Feb 06 2015
Edit: the translation should go into

/usr/share/nmm-qt-client - Feb 05 2015
The updated from Github should install the translations as well into /usr/share/nmm-qr-client

Do you have lrelesse installed? On some systems it may be called lrelease-qt4. Translations are
produced by a call to lrelease

All resources are compiled in with rcc, so they are not installed separately.

Can you paste the complete output of make install? - Feb 05 2015
An updated you can find here: - Feb 05 2015
The project file hasn't yet any install targets, because they have been simply not needed for Debian and Gentoo.

As temporary workaround in you can add

unix:target.path = /usr/bin
unix:INSTALLS += target


unix:INCLUDEPATH += "/usr/include/netmaumau"

The next release will install all files correct - Feb 05 2015