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Hector Estrada Leon, Mexico
Move Window and Focus to Desktop

Kwin Scripts 1 comment

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Mar 25 2019
Hi Nightreveller, great script, very usefull, I use the Latin American Spanish keyboard, and when I change the keyboard shortcuts to my language, it happened that when I change a window to desktop 1, then I can't longer move it to a desktop, I have to switch to other desktop and go back , it might be that it automatically searches for the English settings? Greetings. - Sep 14 2019
Zafiro icons

Icon Themes 221 comments

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Aug 03 2019
Excellent work, I love icons, just ask if you can incorporate the icons of Juk and Kile, I would also like to request the icons of the toolbar for Qt applications, such as dolphin, kate, okular, kile, and currently are used by default breeze icons, but also that there are some such as open terminal and view pdf that are already available in Zafiro, so I dare to ask you. Greetings, great job. - Dec 13 2018
Suru Plus 30 Barcelona

Icon Themes 338 comments

Score 87.8%
Apr 29 2019
Fantastic work, in the Suru++ Asprómauros are missing the zotero and juk icons, thanks - Dec 11 2018
Dominus Funeral

Icon Themes 27 comments

Score 82.5%
Sep 04 2019
Genial¡¡¡¡¡¡ Buy need more work - Dec 11 2018
Score 78.9%
May 20 2018