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GTK3 Themes 222 comments

Score 93.1%
May 13 2020
I congratulate you for your great work with this theme. I use Pentaho in my courses and I can tell you that Adawaita and other themes create conflicts with the pentaho's interface, however this one has been perfect. - May 17 2020

GTK3 Themes 281 comments

Score 91.5%
Jun 26 2020
El tema Nordic-darker, su sección donde aparecen favoritos, carpeta personal, descargas, papelera, etc. es demasiada compacta, está muy pegado y cuando se maximiza la ventana no se ve bonito. Los demás temas están perfectos - Sep 22 2019

Browser 39 comments

by DFN2
Score 76.4%
Jul 05 2018
Nordic-darker theme... Lol
- Sep 22 2019
the section where the favorites are, recent files, trash, etc. It is too compact. and when the window is maximized it doesn't look aesthetic. the others are perfect.
- Sep 22 2019
Score 90.0%
Apr 12 2020

GTK3 Themes
by eliverlara

Score 91.5%
Sep 29 2019
Yosa Max

Full Icon Themes
by freywazza

Score 83.2%
Sep 15 2019