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Marius Müller
KDE 3.x Splash Screens

Graphic Apps 7 comments

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Apr 21 2005
Maybe a partnership with kat
would be useful.

Great work. Go ahead

greetings - Aug 15 2005

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Jul 23 2005

Bootsplash Various 9 comments

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Jul 16 2005

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Aug 20 2015
Ok I'll look around or make a vpn Iconset for Knemo. But before, there are comming my studies, because next week I have my exams :'-(.
Have a nice day.
cu - Sep 05 2004
Hello is it possible, to add a Iconset for VPN-Connection? That would be great. Thanks for your work. Have a nice day. - Sep 05 2004

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May 25 2010
I mean, if it works also with the cisco vpnclient and not only with vpnc, because my cisco vpnclient is working so lovely, why shall I change.

cu - May 30 2004

I use Cisco VPN. This tool looks really nice and usefull. HMMM does this work also for Cisco VPN?

Have a nice day.
cu - May 30 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 3 comments

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Feb 08 2003
I don't know why it was empty. I am sure that it wasn't empty, when I uploded it.

anyway I hope now it works - Jan 29 2003