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Hugo Doria , Brazil

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Jan 13 2011
Oh god! Sorry for the trouble. #)

Thanks! - Nov 16 2010

First of all congratulations for your work. This theme is awesome.

I am using it, but i have a small problem. The LocationPathBar on Nautilus (elementary) is missing some images (the arrows, i think). Here's a screenshot:

What's wrong?

I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and Nautilus Elementary. - Nov 16 2010
uhm.. domino anyone?

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Mar 24 2010
Awesome work man.

How did you got that menubar on top? T - Mar 23 2010

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Aug 03 2009
Nevermind. The problems are with firefox only.

The look in virtualbox was another toolkit problem. - Aug 25 2008
Great theme. Congratulations.

I just have a problem: There are some apps that looks very bad with this theme (skype and virtualbox, for example) - Aug 25 2008