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Vasile Ionescovici
Extra Monochrome Tray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Vinucs 36 comments

As far as I know, the Skype tray icon can't be changed. Even after deploying your icon set, I still get the default green Skype icon. So my question is: is there some sort of trick to get kde to replace Skype's icon with the prettier monochrome one?

Thanks and keep up the good work! - Jun 05 2012

KDM4 Themes by madsheytan 7 comments

Very nice work, but I couldn't help noticing that the Slack Logo seems to be enveloped in pubes. - Jan 15 2009
Vista Mod

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Dapper 7 comments

update: managed to solve problem number 1.
2 and 3 are still up for grabs. help, anyone? - Aug 08 2007
Vista Mod

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Dapper 7 comments

i'm going nuts here. i've tried google... but it was to no avail.

so, i hope you'll be friendly enough and answer these questions for me:

1) how did you manage to change the background of the window menu (to that greenish color) without affecting the other areas of the window?

2) how did you manage to gain that semi-transparent kicker panel inspite using a background image? i'm only able to use a background image, without transparency or make the whole thing transparent if i'm not using any background image.

3) also, where the hell do you manage to change the font of the text in the kicker panel independently from other text areas?

during my attempts at solving problems 1 and 3, i've only fooled around with the color schemes.

i hope the questions are not too ambiguously formulated.

thanks.i'd really appreciate your help here, mate. - Aug 07 2007