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Carlos Olmedo Vigo, Spain
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Oct 13 2013
I'm sure the problem is the usual confusion between MB and MiB. Try to not use a very close value, in your case i would use 3000 mb as limit. For example, i would consider a bug if it reaches 3500 mb and the limit is on 3000 mb. And, please, next time try to use the bug tracker for such stuff. Thanks for your feedback. - Mar 04 2011

If your cpu is 64 bits you should install libsysactivit in /usr/lib64/ using the cmake parameter -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX

Sentinella is not who loads the needed libraries so the libsyactivity installation must be in the correct place.

The last problem you report may be caused by two versions of sentinella installed at the same time. Probably you are running the old one, please check it at the about dialog.

If you still found problems please file a bug at adding the commands your are running to install both packages and the running desktop version. - Jul 05 2010
See the previous comments and the error: libsysactivity ( is not installed in your system.

Another dependency is KDE 4.4, and it seems like your are using KDE 4.3. - Apr 12 2010
Yes, i was about to tell you.. but the build process should be more verbose about it. - Jan 11 2010
I've just tested it under the last slackware -current (5 of january) and it compiles. Can you please give me the full compilation log?

Thanks. - Jan 11 2010
First of all: thanks for testing.

I never tried to compile it with gcc 4.4 so it should be the problem.. i will poke you one it's fixed - Jan 11 2010