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Dominik Haumann Darmstadt, Germany
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Jan 26 2009
Can you move your plasmoid to KDE's playground module and in the end to the kdenetwork module? Or kdeplasma-addons? I always found it very handy that it was included by default in KDE3, and I don't want to miss it in KDE4 :) - Jan 27 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 15 comments

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Dec 10 2008
Remove find_package(Plasma REQUIRED)
and change ${PLASMA_LIBS} to ${KDE4_PLASMA_LIBS} - Jan 15 2009
System Load Viewer

Plasma 4 Extensions 48 comments

by MJD
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Mar 04 2009
I agree, looks not perfect, but that's just a matter of changing the drawing code. Besides that, there are already quite a few features and it is already now ready to be moved to kdeplasma-addons for KDE 4.3 :) - Jan 13 2009
I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean the white part of the bars on the top? - Jan 06 2009
Have a look at the System Load Viewer, see [1] for more details. Here the free resources are drawn already in a white gradient. But it should also be configurable I guess :-)

[1] - Jan 02 2009
kate treeview plugin

Text Editors 8 comments

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May 14 2008
This plugin should not be needed anymore. The file system browser plugin in Kate supports a tree view now, just like this example. - Dec 12 2008