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Dear HDH users,

please note that the automatic and manual update check of Hathi Download Helper is not working any more. The problem is, that this feature extracts the update information from the homepage itself. Since seems to be gone the update check feature fails.

The update feature will be fixed in Version 1.1.3 of Hathi Download Helper.

Best regards

Martin aka HathiDownloadHelper - Jul 02 2016
Hi tresp,

than u for your message and sorry for my late reply.

This problem will be fixed in HDH 1.1.2.

Best regards

Martin - May 27 2016
Hi Tom,

thx for your message.

Since hathitrust has changed to https the buit-in proxy feature is not reliable anymore. Therefore I recommend to use additional tools instead (e.g. Hotspot Shield).

I hope that I can fix this problem in the upcoming version.

Within Hathi Download Helper, you can manually setup a proxy via menu bar -> tools -> Proxy. By clicking the checkbox "use proxy server" the application will apply your proxy settings and checks whether it can reach homepage. You can find list with free proxy online. Just search for "free + proxy + list".

Best regards

Martin aka HathiDownloadHelper

- May 24 2016
The condemned live longer.... Hathi Download Helper 1.1.1 is available. - May 19 2016
Dear users,

I'm very sorry to announce at this point, that Hathi Download Helper will not be continued.

The latest changes on - they have changed the protocol to https - have revealed some serious issues in the program code, which are causing not only program chrashes but also terminations of all network connections on the target system.

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone for your feedback I've received in the last few years. But for personal reasons i'm not able to continue the hathi download helper project (at least within a reasonable period of time).

Best regards

Martin aka HathiDownloadHelper

@other Qt developer which may like to continue this project:

I'm well aware that my code is not the best, but since this was my very first Qt project I guess it is not too bad.

I will upload a working copy of the latest program code of HDH within the next few days.

I was able to adjust the download links, so that the general download feature seems to work properly. Proxy features (Webproxy, Proxy) have not been tested.

BUT: The application is NOT stable!! There are serious problems with the qnams get() commands in the hathidownlaodhelper.cpp file, which holds the first requests for downloading the html-pages and extracting all required information to download the complete book files. Either the network connections get killed instandly or after some get-requests or after restart of the application. (I was forced to restart my computer every time to fix the network problem).
See function: HathiDownloadHelper::slot_bookPageLoaded(QNetworkReply* pReply)

I've tested my application with Qt 4.8.0, Qt 4.8.1 and Qt 4.8.6 as well as with Qt 5.2.1 and Qt 5.5.1 using MingW on Windows 7 Pro to identify the problem.

Debugging releaved that there must be some pointer issues. But I was not able to locate the problem.

I will add some additional program descriptions to my upload. - May 06 2016
Hi Raeene,

thank you very much for your post.

As you mentioned the book titles at hathitrust are not unique identifiers. Thus it might happen that the final pdf book could be overwritten when you download several books to the same folder (which is the case when the title is the same).

The solution for your problem is to make sure that the books are downloaded to separate folders. You can do this either manually by changing the download destination folder for each book or you can change the automatic naming option for the download folders to use the hathitrust ID instead of the book title.

+ To change the automatic naming option select 'Options'->'User settings' from the menu bar.
+ Within the 'Download settings' group box enable the 'automatically create download folder by' feature and change the option to 'book ID'

I hope this solution will work for you.

Best regards

HDH - Jan 13 2015
Version 1.0.2 is backward compatible to Qt 4.x and has been tested with version Qt 4.7.4 on Windows and on linux sytems. - May 24 2013
Thx for your comment. I will do this for version 1.0.2 - May 21 2013
Thx for the feedback.
I'm using QT 5.0.2 on Windows 7 Pro., The version 1.0.0 was build without any problems. But I've used your log to fix the errors and uploaded version 1.0.1. I will test version 1.0.2 on both, Linux and Windows before uploading it. - May 19 2013