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Jan 27 2011
Actually 2..
Im running dual screens in Natty. While upper left is good icons pop over when save or moved. When I tried lr as an option alighnment went to hell.

Suggestions? - Aug 15 2011

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Oct 17 2013
Any plans on tweaking to get it going with the newest ver of conky? - May 20 2011
Great! Thanks.. one last suggestion? Temp C or F.. in my PC temps I normally use C but weather I use F. Can we split so each can be different? - Nov 29 2010
Also notice nvidia & weather active (temp, clock etc.) not using active theme colors - Nov 28 2010
What is string to generate example #3 (from left) in screenshot? - Nov 28 2010
Edited your python script simply adding/copying the media section (I use HD2)

# folder in /mnt
for device in os.listdir("/mnt/"):
if (not device.startswith("cdrom")) and (os.path.ismount('/mnt/'+device)):
# start calculation dec value (for the pie chart symbol)
statb = subprocess.Popen('stat -f -c %b "/mnt/'+device+'"', shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,)
statb_value = statb.communicate()[0]
statf = subprocess.Popen('stat -f -c %f "/mnt/'+device+'"', shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,)
statf_value = statf.communicate()[0]
total = int(statb_value)
used = total - int(statf_value)
dec = (((used * 100) / total) + 5) / 10
if dec > 9:
icon = "0"
elif dec < 1:
icon = "A"
icon = str(dec)
# end calculation dec
print "${voffset 4}${color0}${font Pie charts for maps:size=14}"+icon+"${font}${color} ${voffset -5}"+device.capitalize()+": ${font Liberation Sans:style=Bold:size=8}${color1}${fs_free_perc /mnt/"+device+"}%${color}${font} ${alignr}${color2}${fs_free /mnt/"+device+"}${color}" - Aug 29 2010
Out of curiosity.. would/could we modify your python (conkyHD2) so it also includes the mnt folder as it does for devices? - Aug 20 2010
I did find a bit of a hitch..
While trying to manually edit the formatting is a bit hard to follow. Nothing really seperated or anything so its a difficult thing to find one area or follow the overall layout.

But for the glitch.. I chose 2 cores/cpus and once I make the adjustment above the temps worked fine however ACPI reports my actual CPU temp to be much lower than the actual cores individually So.. how do I get temp1 to show above the current Core0 and Core1 without throwing the whole of it off? - Feb 21 2010
Solved my own 'recursive question' by editing photorandom script:

number=$(ls -R | wc -l) - Feb 21 2010
As for you gents above.. I had a similar issue however mine was 'Core0' not 'Core 0'. Once I took out the space by editing ~/.conkyrc it worked fine. - Feb 21 2010
I have a small issue.. photo I have a directory and the images are in folders within a folder for example ./PHOTOS and in it is 2009-04 etc can we get it to do a recursive scan?

Aside of that.. the only recommendations I could offer are:
1. RSS Feeds (pointless but about the only thing you dont have in here).
2. Order: Some form of method to specify the order the sections are displayed in (top to bottom)
3. Temps: Your doing a F/C universally across the board.. as I am in the US the weather is beneficial in F but not the rest of the system. - Feb 21 2010
Ahh found it.. but might want to include it in your package. - Dec 19 2009
Ack.. cant find Poky.. - Dec 19 2009
Hello.. just came back after a walk about.. noticed your nvidia plug and it works great.. just curious about what the normal icon would be.. Liberation Sans just displays an 'N' - Dec 19 2009
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/steven/.scripts/", line 19, in <module>
voltage = float(line.split()[2]) / 1000.0
ValueError: invalid literal for float(): unknown
- Aug 01 2009
OK, just did a clean install on my laptop and the is giving me fits.. what sensor is that feeding off of? - Aug 01 2009
For those who dont know..

>sudo apt-get install lm-sensors
>sudo sensors-detect

For the author.. there is a glitch of sorts.. Im running dual cores. The other stats CPU1 & CPU2 work ok but for lm-sensors it needs to be Core0 & Core1.. follow? - Jun 26 2009
Scratch that.. just noticed the shift.. - Jun 26 2009
There is no CPU temp.. there is however a HDD temp. Read the documentation and all things become clear ;) - Jun 26 2009
Just did a reinstall and I gotta say your doing great.

How about getting CPU temps in place :) - Jun 18 2009
Can you do the smallest of favors? Hang screenshots of each of your themes? Granted I left things at default but I'd love to be able to see what the others were before comiting to install - May 30 2009
If you follow his directions from the top down it walks you through each part of the install as its happening. The only area he hasnt directly included are the outside scripts and he's given you the links to follow those.

No offense but this is linux... if you want 'automagic' perhaps you should consider um... windows since it has that wonderful ability of guessing how youd like it installed and doing it all behind your back with no interaction at all. - May 29 2009
I love your work thus far.. I ran split columns ;) - May 28 2009
Im lucky.. I get his current and look at hthe script changes and do mine manually ;)

Oh.. I forgot.. that alteration I posted for Rhythmbox if is running.. works for pidgin as well.

Now the only danger I have is that its a single row and at 2056x1024 it will run off the bottom :( Perhaps a seperate instance of conky with the applications in it all in itself and if is_running as the trigger. - May 26 2009
In the area of Rhythmbox... so display portion is inactive if rhthymbox is not active..

if (strcmp("on", rhythmbox) == 0) {
fprintf(fp,"${if_running rhythmbox}RHYTHMBOX ${hr 2}\n");
fprintf(fp,"${voffset 2}${font Webdings:size=14}U${font} %s:${alignr}${execp ~/.scripts/ --datatype=ST}\n", status);
fprintf(fp,"${voffset 2}${font Musicelements:size=13}z${font} %s:${alignr}${execp ~/.scripts/ --datatype=AR}\n", song);
fprintf(fp,"${alignr}${execp ~/.scripts/ --datatype=AL}\n");
fprintf(fp,"${alignr}${execp ~/.scripts/ --datatype=TI}\n");
fprintf(fp,"${voffset -4}${font Martin Vogel's Symbols:size=16}U${font} %s:${alignr}${execp ~/.scripts/ --datatype=PT}/${execp ~/.scripts/ --datatype=LE}${endif}\n", position);

- May 25 2009
Wonder if we could get smb drives to auto update in conky....

*things to make you go hmmmm* - May 24 2009
I love the autodetection for media but only had one small 'quirk'.

Using the I changed the title references

${voffset -5}Root:${alignr} ${fs_used_perc /}%

${voffset -5}Home:${alignr} ${fs_used_perc /home}%

${voffset -5}"+device.capitalize()+":${alignr} ${fs_used_perc /media/"+device+"}%

So above the system bar I get the used % (alot easier for my shallow brain than trying to figure out by looking at the numbers). - May 24 2009
My conky config

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by miceq
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Jul 27 2008
But while I love conky as a whole for its functionality (providing system specs & data etc.) looking at that screenshot there is no way you have a system running 8Ghz p/core.

The layout is clean however ;) - Oct 15 2008
cynapses karamba

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Feb 08 2005
Really good question, and even more it still a beta after this duration of time? - Oct 27 2004
For those who dont know... the wallpaper is in fact on deviant art.

The artists name is ~7shadows, there are quite a few other delicious ones in the evo series as well if you hunt for them. - Oct 17 2004
I had to do a bit of moving about of things but it works pretty good (added MAC display as well as subnet).

What I would like to know is how to get the mail to work... using suse 9.1 pro and perl is there but it just doesnt do a thing. I checked the account settings and what have you so I am drawing a blank.

FYI if anybody is curious....

# Added Subnet Mask display 10-16-04 HR
text x=65 y=60 sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'Mask' | awk '{print $4}'" color=0,0,0 fontsize=8
# Added MAC address display below 10-16-04 HR
text x=65 y=75 value="MAC:" color=0,0,0 fontsize=8
text x=100 y=75 sensor=program program="/sbin/ip addr show eth0 | grep 'ether ' | cut -d t -f2 | cut -b 5- | cut -b -18" color=0,0,0 fontsize=8 - Oct 17 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 22 comments

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Nov 13 2004
I am a stickler for network stats also used the horiz. theme bar for CPU load and memory loads.....

## module_eht0 ##
x=0 y=170 w=200 h=32
image x=0 y=0 path="image/bg-module.png"
image x=0 y=32 path="image/bg-module.png"
image x=0 y=64 path="image/bg-module.png"
image x=0 y=96 path="image/bg-module.png"
image x=0 y=128 path="image/bg-module.png"
image x=0 y=160 path="image/bg-module16.png"

image x=20 y=5 path="image/network.png"

# name
text x=60 y=3 align="left" value="name:"
text x=195 y=3 align="right" sensor=program program="uname -n"

# ip
text x=60 y=17 align="left" value="ip-eth0:"
text x=195 y=17 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'inet addr' | sed -e 's/.*r://' | sed -e 's/ B.*//'"

# broadcast
text x=60 y=31 align="left" value="broadcast:"
text x=195 y=31 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'Bcast' | sed -e 's/.*t://' | sed -e 's/ M.*//'"

# subnet
text x=60 y=46 align="left" value="subnet:"
text x=195 y=46 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'Mask' | sed -e 's/.*k://'"

# MAC address
text x=60 y=61 align="left" value="MAC:"
text x=195 y=61 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'HWaddr' | sed -e 's/.*r//'"

# RX packets
text x=60 y=76 align="left" value="RX packets:"
text x=195 y=76 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'RX packets' | sed -e 's/.*ts://' | sed -e 's/ er.*//'" interval=1000

# RX bytes
text x=60 y=91 align="left" value="RX bytes:"
text x=195 y=91 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'RX bytes' | awk '{print $3 $4}'" interval=1000

# TX packets
text x=60 y=106 align="left" value="TX packets:"
text x=195 y=106 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'TX packets' | sed -e 's/.*ts://' | sed -e 's/ er.*//'" interval=1000

# TX bytes
text x=60 y=121 align="left" value="TX bytes:"
text x=195 y=121 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'TX bytes' | awk '{print $7 $8}'" interval=1000

# collisions for network trouble shooting
text x=60 y=136 align="left" value="collisions:"
text x=195 y=136 align="right" sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep 'collisions' | sed -e 's/.*s://' | sed -e 's/ t.*//'" color=126,0,0 interval=1000

# in&out
text x=60 y=152 align="left" sensor=network device="eth0" format="in %in K/s" interval=1000 decimals=1
text x=120 y=152 align="left" sensor=network device="eth0" format="out %out K/s" interval=1000 decimals=1
- Oct 25 2004
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Aug 15 2011
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May 24 2009
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9   Nov 29 2010