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Groupware by HuntsMan 13 comments

currently only for windows, but it is open-source, and can be ported to Qt/KDE. - Jun 29 2006

just one complaint though. none of the search engines were enabled by default, and i had to play around with a number of controls to get the settings dialog.

why not enable some search engines by default? also, the settings button can be enabled by default in the toolbar. - Apr 05 2006

Amarok 1.x Scripts by harshadrj 6 comments

ok, buddy, done!

:) - Dec 09 2005

Amarok 1.x Scripts by harshadrj 6 comments

Save works. You can ensure it by looking at the "Inserting delay.." status messages in amaroK.

However, when you open the configure dialog again, the dialog is initialised to its default values.

I have tried hard to read the saved settings into the dialog when the dialog is being initialised, but I am not able to get it done in Kommander.

I have tried using the readSetting in Kommander but that doesn't seem to work.

If anyone knows how to do it in Kommander please help me out. - Dec 07 2005

Education Apps by jvdoever 6 comments

Well, I know Hindi, but don't have Hindi fonts on my system. Plus I have never done a translation before. Anyway, I will give it a try, and mail you if I get anywhere.

About navigation, you can perhaps look at how 3D modeling programs do it. For eg, Wings-3D.

About anti-aliasing, I truly appreciate your concern for older hardware, though I don't know what exactly you mean by old. And I don't know how efficient QT4 is, but I remember spinning a cube, with images mapped on its faces, on a 60Mhz 486, at about 40 FPS (without anti-aliasing), back in my college days :)

Right ho,
Harshad - Dec 06 2005

Education Apps by jvdoever 6 comments

Nice game!

Though, couple of suggestions,

QT4 has anti-aliasing support. Try

The $QTDIR/include directory has to be included, not just $QTDIR/include/Qt

It is not quite obvious when the direction of movement toggles between horizontal and vertical. Perhaps, you can rotate the cube, when the mouse is dragged, in the direction of mouse movement. - Dec 05 2005

Amarok 1.x Scripts by harshadrj 6 comments

Well, for some reason, amarok allows a max delay of only 10 seconds between songs.

If you need larger delays between songs, then this script is for you.

I usually set a random delay with min=20 seconds to max=80 seconds. - Dec 02 2005