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Harry Boldt , Germany

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 66 comments

This theme looks very nice. Unfortunately I can not install it, because it seems to be a Compiz theme. Is there a similar GTK theme available? - Sep 22 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 37 comments

Hello cimi86,

thank you for your great work. I was looking for a theme like this for a long time. Beside the colors I really like the not rounded buttons an the style of the activated toolbar buttons. Some suggestions to improve this fantastic theme:

Menuitems: An activated menu item in Firefox and OpenOffice does not look correct. The icon is outside the box of the hilighted menuitem. In addition to this, the box could be some pixel higher so the icon does better fit into the border of the box. And the box might be more nice as a flat box without a gradient.

Scrollbars: Since I'm used to see darker colors as background I always try to click beside the scollbar-button. So I would prefere to change the colors, or even better to implement the scrollbars from "Ubuntulooks Graphite" that is really nice.

Buttons: Their look and behavior in toolbars is perfect, whereas on other places, like in Totem they get darker on rollover. I think it would be better if they always get lightened on rollover.

The ubuntu application menu has a not so nice bottom border.

I miss the application icon in the window title bar.

Anyway, this is the best theme for me at the present, so I feel lucky with it. Thank you for your work

- - Apr 30 2006