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David Harel , Israel
TheCandyman KDE4+Gnome

Cursors by KuduK 11 comments

The cursor is great and seem correct with everything I know about usability.

Usability wise, when the Busy icon is on, like when you hit a link and wait for the web page, the cursor shifts from right to left. This feature confuses the user because he can't tell where the point is exactly. Please consider a different Busy cursor. If not for everybody else, just for me.

- Jun 27 2009
Beesoft Commander

System Software by piotrpsz 52 comments

Great performance, great visual design.

Installation is not clear. My suggestion add INSTALL.txt file to explain the simple install operation.

Add fast directory access buttons for ~, .., = (same dir as opposite panel)
Add terminal button
Add "calculate size" for dirs. - Jul 28 2006